Mee Goreng – again

mee gorengWe eat a lot of this. It is especially good with mangetout and right now we have a lot of mangetout. The recipe is a version of one in Ottolenghi Plenty – it changes depending on what is in the garden.


Mee Goreng: egg noodles, soy sauce, ketchap manis, 1tsp each ground cumin and ground coriander, juice of one lemon, chilli sauce, vegetables, lettuce, coriander, onion, bit of water or rice wine, marinated or plain tofu

Cook the noodles, drain and mix with some sesame seed oil. Make the sauce by mixing soy sauce, ketchap manis, chilli sauce and spices together – adjust to taste. Fry the onion in a wok. Blanch any veggies that need blanching and then add to wok and fry.

noodles and tofu

Add sliced tofu. Add in noodles then add in the sauce. Stir. Add lettuce and herbs on top and lemon juice – serve in bowls

Add lettuceIt is absolutely delicious – you must add the lemon juice, but you can mess around with everything else.

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