New Look Alpacas

three skinny alpacasOur alpacas got shorn. The lovely Moragh and David from Alpacashear came from the Isle of Wight to shear our alpacas – just in time for the mini heat wave we are having.

This is the before shot of Peanut and Inky

Peanut beforeInky beforeAnd here is Juniper watching James get the hurdles ready

Juniper beforeDavid and Moragh are very kind, gentle and efficient. They have a really good set up.

three alpacas

They calmly go in to get the alpacas

getting the alpacasThey make catching an alpaca look easy – it isn’t and I say this from experience

CAtching an alpacaInky and Peanut look on with some alarm as Juniper is taken out

WaitingThe hens watch with curiosity – they have the best seats for the show

Chickens watchingThe kids watch with excitement

Crowd watchingDavid and Moragh tie Juniper down – you can’t just lean them into you as with sheep.

Tying Juniper downAnd they start shearing

shearing Junipershearing2Juniper isn’t hugely happy about he whole process but it doesn’t hurt and they feel better afterwards

JuniperJuniper always has to have her teeth done

teethAnd they all have a vaccination

vaccinationsand their toenails trimmed

cutting toenailsAnd here is Juniper with her new look

Juniper2Inky was done next – she always tries to tuck her legs under her body to make things more difficult, but Moragh and David managed to untangle her.

Here are Juniper and Inky admiring each other’s haircuts

cute alpacasAnd both after shearing

Inky and JuniperPeanut is always done last – she spits evil green bile all over the place. She can even spit backwards – quite an achievement really.

Peanut being shornHere she is getting a haircut

shearers and PeanutThey are all really pleased not to have all that fleece on them at the moment especially as temperatures are meant to get into the high 20s or even 30 today.


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