The Little White Cat of Healing

TwinkletoesJames bought me Twinkletoes Snowpea for my birthday a week after my Dad died. She was tiny when we got her.

CIMG6146.JPG She helped me with my work

Even as a kitten she took her job as a Bond villain very seriously

She adored Thelonios Monk (Mr T.) my Dad’s small black cat we adopted after he died. They were inseparable.









When Mr T. disappeared she was distraught.






We both loved her a lot
















She drank water from the tap

Twinkle drinking waterShe liked to sleep in baskets or on clean washing

Twinkle in basket

Mainly though she was my little white cat of healing. After every operation she would lie next to me on the sofa of in my lap and just will me to get better.

She sat on my lap as I worked or on the sofa in my office curled up asleep

Twinkle asleep

Twinkle and Daisy Dog had a complicated, slightly obsessive relationship.  Daisy would sit and watch Twinkle for hours and Twinkle would pretend she didn’t notice, but would stroll about enough to keep Daisy Dog interested. She also liked to perch on the stairs and look down at Daisy Dog with some glee as dogs aren’t allowed upstairs in our house.

Twinkle and Daisy

Yesterday we took Twinkletoes to the vets as she didn’t look well. They did a blood test and her kidneys had catastrophically failed. We asked the vet to kill her and she did. She was our beautiful little white cat of healing and we miss her …. a lot.

Twinkle at Christmas

17 responses to “The Little White Cat of Healing

  1. I’m so sorry! Shedding my own tears as I write, grieving the cats I have last and holding you in my heart with this fresh loss.

  2. Oh Claire and James, this is too much!! I’m so deeply sad for your loss of your kitty and your Daisy dog. Please be gentle with yourselves and each other during this time of grief. xoxo

  3. Oh dear me what a very sad day, she was a special cat and well loved and that is all our animals can say is that we love them well and we do the right thing by them if the time comes. You and James do that even though the pain is sometimes too much to bear. xx

  4. Oh god…this news is just too much. I don’t know how you are coping except that I know you have other animals that need your care and attention. To lose this very special creature who was such an important part of your healing from grief and from the surgeries…it just seems so unfair. May your love for each other, the community you have gathered around you and their caring for you, and all your other fur friends bring you comfort until the pain of this loss eases. I send much love to you both.

    • I miss her such a lot as does James – he is really sad as he is much more of a cat person – he is the reason we have so many cats! The other kitties are looking after us.

  5. Oh no, so sorry to here this, no more knocking the drink out of your hand, or nudging when trying to clean eggs, poor little cat she was always pleased to see us and friendly. Perhaps she has gone to animal heaven to keep an eye on Daisy. Xxxx

    • I am sure that she and Daisy Dog are somewhere staring at each other. I am sure Daisy Dog will be cross if she finds out that in heaven dogs still have to stay downstairs while cats can go upstairs. I remember when Twinkle knocked Ivan’s hot tea on him – she could be naughty but was also wonderful. xxx

  6. I am saddened by yet another death in your animal family. My daughter calls her pets her “fur children” and I believe that is a true description. We will miss Twinkle’s presence at our next visit.

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