Very Naughty Turkeys

closeup of turkeysOur front garden is full of birds: Ixworth hens, Naked Necks and lots and lots of turkeys.

The hens are all really good – they sleep in their houses, eat food and pom around during the day

Ixworths, naked necks and turkeysrelaxingNaked necksThe turkeys on the other hand are naughty escape artists.

turkeysThey spend much of their time leaping onto the fences and then jumping out of the garden.

turkeys on the fenceOf course they don’t go to bed where they should – they sleep on the scaffolding (doesn’t everyone have scaffolding in their front garden?)

scaffoldingHowever, they are super cute and friendly so I forgive them. Some of the little boys – who are only a month or so old – have already started to fluff up their feathers, flutter their wings and make the tut tutting noise of a mating tom. I think we may have found our new Ataturkey-zade with this little Norfolk Black who is desperately trying to impress the girls.

stud muffinBut we are going to have to think about moving these birds on to the smallholding proper as it looks like there might be some new residents of the cute and fluffy variety in the front garden very shortly …… more news tomorrow

4 responses to “Very Naughty Turkeys

  1. It is only very recently that I have learned of the turkey’s love of heights. My mother has a flock that hang around her neighbourhood which, she has observed, actually roost in trees at night. Makes sense, but oh so weird at the same time….

  2. I had the wonderful opportunity to see all of those naughty turkeys come into this world,via the incubator.They were so adorable to see them get there legs working. Along wwith so many memories these turkeys got it made.

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