Bait Box

Bait box on truckHenry heard a buzzing yesterday in the cherry tree next to his and Jess’s truck – it was a swarm of bees right at the top of the tree – the tree in the middle of the photo above.

Jess valiantly offered to climb up the tree in a beesuit and get the swarm. But there weren’t any easy branches to stand on to actually complete the maneuver.

swarm in tree

I called Penny – our bee expert and she suggested we use a bait box to lure them in. So I got our last empty brood box (thank goodness that Henry had made so many hives and supers for us) and went to get some drawn comb from my other four hives to put in as an incentive.

With the bait box loaded with some nice frames of drawn foundation (including some honey) Henry and Jess put the brood box, base and lid on top of their truck – I am scared of heights.

putting the bait box on the roof

Now we just have to wait and hope that that the bees while looking around to find somewhere new to live will find the bait box and think that it is a suitable home and move in – in which case we will have hive number 5 (!!!)

It is quite cute that the brood box matches their truck

Bait box closeup


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