duckling3I can’t believe it took me so long to hatch out ducklings – they are so cute. I think turkey chicks are cute, but ducklings are the squeakiest, most gorgeous things ever – way cuter than kittens or puppies.

Out of our 18 Pekin duck eggs in the incubator 6 hatched on Tuesday. Hatching can be tiring work though, so luckily this little guy had his siblings to rest on.

hatchingThey all seem fine and they are huge. It is hard to believe they came out of such little eggs.

I adore their little feet, and their beaks and their fluffiness

ducklingMainly I like gathering them all up in one go and snuggling them

ducklings on lap

DucklingsDid you know that ducklings (and chicks) do much better if you give them lots of little kisses?


The, by now obligatory photo of Kainaat putting up with small cute chicks

Kainaat and duckling

3 responses to “Ducklings

  1. Oh how sweet! And I agree with the kisses! Actually, most animals do much better with lots of kisses! Humans too!

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