Accidental turkey farmers

turkeys and ducklings2We didn’t plan on becoming turkey farmers, we aren’t that organised, it is just something that happened …. accidentally.

Twenty one of the last batch of turkeys survived (including the 3 Norfolk Black turkeys we bought as day old chicks to increase our gene pool). And now the second batch are hatching. A couple of days ago, James, Jess and Henry came across three little chicks over in the turkey enclosure. so we swept them up and popped them in the brooder with the ducklings …. cue another gratuitous photo of the ducklings

turkeys and ducklingsThen on Tuesday Jess found a squashed turkey egg, but the chick seemed still alive inside. She popped in into the incubator. I helped it hatch a little, it was pretty weak, but it made it. I don’t think it is damaged, but we just don’t know.

turkeyYesterday I went to check on the turkeys and found another squashed chick

Squashed turkeyThis one was already dead, but there was another one still alive in the shell. So I took this one and a whole bunch of other eggs into protective custody. I candled the eggs and kept about 10 of them – one had already pipped. This morning I helped the squashed turkey out and then the one from the pipped egg.


hatching turkeyThey are both doing well and fluffing up in the incubator. We now have 6 more turkeys and who knows how many more will hatch?

N.B. I know this blog has recently been hijacked by poultry, there will be more recipes and other news from the smallholding and elsewhere soon……

2 responses to “Accidental turkey farmers

  1. I love that last comment about more recipes soon – you mean as soon as the turkeys and ducks are big enough to eat obviously 😉

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