Crubeens – aka trotters

cooked trottersIt’s not just nose to tail round here, we eat everything – including the feet. While I normally make the wonderful Fergus Henderson’s trotter gear (see here and here) with trotters, a couple of weeks ago I thought I would try something new. My friend Mike said he made something similar although I am pretty sure his version had a French name. Crubeens are pretty much the same – they are essentially boiled trotters that are then breaded and fried.

I boiled mine for hours – you can do this in water with added aromatics, if you like. I think I boiled mine in some stock from the freezer that was leftover from boiling a ham or something (see I am really really obsessive about not letting things go to waste!). Once the feet were cooked I then kept the stock (put it back in the freezer) and I will use it to make some kind of lentil soup in the future.

I then stripped all the meat from the trotters and put it all in a small bread tin lined with clingfilm to set

trottersOnce it had set, I sliced the terrine. Then I breaded it – coated each piece in flour, egg and then breadcrumbs and then repeat.

BreadedAfter this I fried it.

I served it with homemade rhubarb jelly from my friends George and Tina, potato salad (potatoes from wonderful Juliet and Philip) and a salad that we had grown. Of course I had to tell James we were having yummy fried meat for dinner – if I had been more specific he wouldn’t have eaten it. He was a bit suspicious as he always is when I won’t specify what meat we are having, but not only did he eat two, he pronounced them so delicious that he went and had a third –  they are really really lovely.

N.B. I might try baking them in the oven next time as they were very very rich!

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