Two for the Price of One

broadbean and radish saladBroadbean and radish salad and a mustard viniagrette mangetout salad.

We have been eating a lot of salads over the past few weeks using stuff from the garden. The one above is my favourite, not least because broadbeans have such a short season. This year I planted loads of them, but a hailstorm destroyed their flowers (I think) as there are very few pods. Having rejected broadbeans for so many years I think I am fated to only be able to grow paltry amounts as penance.

Broadbean and Radish Salad: broadbeans, radish, lemon zest, lemon juice, lemon oil, olive oil, dill, leftover lettuce, radishes

Cook broad beans and then pod all but the tiniest of them (not to do this is awful and can put someone off broadbeans forever – quite why my mum and dad decided not to pod old, huge, wrinkle, tough broadbeans is beyond me, but I loathed them (broadbeans, not my mum and dad) for about 20 years until I finally had them podded in a Lebanese restaurant in Oxford – but I digress.) Put the sliced radishes, lettuce and broadbeans in a bowl. Zest over the lemon. Chop the dill and add. Add salt, lemon juice, lemon oil and olive oil to taste. Eat with flat bread or by itself.


mangetout salad

Green salad with mustard vinaigrette and mangetout: mangetout, lettuce and for the vinaigrette olive oil, good quality white wine vinegar, salt, dijon mustard, capers.

We ate this salad a lot in the brief window of time when we had bountiful mangetout just before they suddenly all decided to go over at once, but that is life in the vegetable garden.

Boil (or steam) mangetout and refresh in cold water. mix for lettuce, add some capers. Mix a scant tsp of mustard with vinegar and oil to taste. Add salt and pour over the salad – yum yum


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