Sheepdog on Holiday

Kainaat in gardenWe’re in Cornwall for a week and it is wonderful.

We are staying in the middle of nowhere. The road outside our cottage has grass growing in the middle of it from lack of use – we like this.

Kainaat on the road

So what does a sheepdog do on holiday? Well he walks the SW coastal path in the rain and the wind – and sometimes in the sun.

K on SW coastal pathK on the RumpsKainaat isn’t worried by the precipitous drops and the endless up and down of the paths (I am though)

Kainaat on the stepsHe has had to learn to walk behind me and not yank me down slippery, muddy paths. He has also had to learn how to traverse Cornish stiles

K and the stile

We have visited Enodoc Church on one of our misty drizzly walks

Kainaat at Church

We have also done a lot of playing on the beach. We are within walking distance of Rock and the lovely beach there

Rock BeachAnd today we caught the ferry over to walk at low tide on Padstow beach

Kainaat on the boatWe played with the rope toy

K and toyand walked the entire length of the sandy beach and splashed in the water

K and me in seaAnd we waded out to the little sandbank island that you can only see at very low tide – this was the sole purpose of our visit here.

K on doom barIt wasn’t all fun though, there has been some boring lying under tables while James and I have our lunch

K at lunchN.B. Daisy Dog always walked just behind me on the coastal path – she was a seasoned walker. While Kainaat generally walks nicely, on the precipitous coastal path I prefer him to be on a lead just in case. In fact while we were walking a tiny spaniel launched itself off the path onto the rocks below – I think it was OK – its owner rescued it –  but I don’t want to take any chances.

6 responses to “Sheepdog on Holiday

  1. Glad to see you’ve gotten away for awhile and that Kai is getting some practice walking. He looks so cute sitting for photos, his little ears going different directions. Makes me want to hug him. Love knowing you are spending time together in a quiet place with space for resting from your busy lives and recovering from your losses of the last weeks. Enjoy.

    • He is the cutest little thing ever – also quite naughty though. I think he had a good time. We also had a good time, relaxing and just taking it easy. xxx

  2. I just want to leave my hello to you – I hopped over from Celi’s Blog, curious about your flock of turkeys. But wow: I’m impressed and surprized. Your site is great. I love your blog, I like your writing style and the topics. And of course your photographs. A beautiful landscape you live in. And what a lovely dog you’ve got. Beautiful shiny hair has he. Oh, and I love the stone pavement on the last picture very much…
    I do not know much about you and your blog, but I wonder how you manage that – with all your animals being away one whole week? You must have good friends or neighbours.
    Yes, and I saw, there are lots of great recipes, too. Just stumbled by. Have to come back!
    Have a lovely day!
    PS – Who am I? – I’m not a blogger, I’m not of English mothertongue, living in South Germany. Having a city life, missing country life a lot…

    • Thank you so much for your kind words. We do have some good friends and neighbours who look after the campsite and smallholding for us when we go away – we are very lucky. It is nice to meet you and I hope you come back and visit again – maybe one day you will be able to visit for real.

      • Thank you, Claire, for your nice answers. Yes, I’d really love to be able to visit in person some day and receive your very own bacon sandwich “straight from the horse’s mouth”. Especially as I found out lots of more interesting things about you – eg that you teach the Ottoman Empire. I was wondering a bit on some turkish words and some special turkish recipes, what sounded very familiar to me (I tried to learn the language and have been several times in Turkey). Then I read about “Ataturkeyoglu”, what made me laugh heartily. and after that I found out that it was your profession what connects you with the turkish culture. I’ve always been very much interested in it too. And your subjects in science (can I say so?) have always been my interests, too. What a pleasure. If I could, I’d rather be one of your students! But it’s too late for me now.
        Have a good night!

  3. Hi Irmi I do hope that one day you can visit. I loved living in Turkey, if I wasn’t here, I think I would be there. It is never too late to study – my life is one long lesson I think – more fun that way anyway. I am glad you liked Ataturkeyoglu – now it is a joke that two people laugh at. Next year we will have Ataturkeyzade (probably as I think the only Norfolk Black male that I bought in as a day-old chick for genetic diversity died) – this is more of an Ottoman joke! have a lovely day

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