Bedruthan Steps

Bedruthan Steps

We visited the Bedruthan Steps – a beach near-ish where we were staying one day. When the tide is low you can walk round all the giant stones on the beach, but at high tide the entire beach disappears beneath the sea.

BS tide in

You have to walk down some very steep steps to get to the beach.

BS on the way downWe went when the tide was coming in so the sea had already started to lap at some of the rocks. This meant that Kainaat and I could have some excellent adventures wading through the sea around the rocks to get to secluded little bays.

Although here were people on the main beach, there weren’t really any people in the little sandy coves to either side of the main beach. We found this little bay with a lovely deep pool in it. Kainaat had a swim and I had a paddle.

Kai swimming across a poolIn fact all over the beach there were little pools where you could swim or wade.

rocks and sand

rock in the sea

We walked to the furthest point we could reach on the sand and then spied another little sandy cove that we could just about reach if we waded through the sea and round a rock. We set off – Kainaat had to swim as it was too deep for him to wade. We explored the beach and then noticed the tide was coming in very fast so we crossed back. It was so much fun though that we did it again and again! This is Kainaat swimming back from the little beach

K swimming back to the beach

We then ran about on the beach for a bit playing with our rope toy before having a bit of a rest!

K o the beach - wetBy the time we left the beach had nearly been submerged

BS tide coming in

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