Like a duck to water

Paddling and splashingWe re-purposed some plastic bowl type thing whose original function has long since been forgotten into a duckling paddling pool.

They loved it …… they really really love it. Every morning when I let them out they head for the pool for their morning ablutions.

Off for a swimAfter a swim they cuddle up in a duckling heap (technical farming term) next to it for a rest before heading off for breakfast.

ducklings by the poolThey aren’t the only ones who like the pool though. When it first opened the chickens and turkeys (who were still in the front garden at that time) all came for a look at the new facility.

Ducks turkeys and chickens closeup round the poolBut they couldn’t see the attraction – unlike the ducklings who too to it like ducks to …. well you know the rest.

Happy ducksI had to include this photo as it has the gorgeous Naked Neck-Ixworth cross hen in it – I am keeping her for breeding I think.

Naked NEck Ixworth cross and the ducklings

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