Egg Collection

feeding alpacas and hensSome photos from Egg Collection on Saturday evening.

feeding hensfeeding hens2

At 6pm at weekends and usually everyday in the school holidays (depending on the weather and my non-campsite work schedule) I do egg collection with anyone who wants to help.

feeding alpacas2

We feed the chickens and alpacas. And sometimes we feed apples to the pigs. We often practice our chicken holding skills as well.

feeding pigs apples

throwing apples to pigsthrowing apples to pigs2Can you see the apple flying through the air?

Feeding alpacas is a tricky business, but we were successful on Saturday

feeding alpacas3feeding alpacas6feeding

Depending on the time of year we might also look at the turkeys and lambs or hold chicks.

Oh yes, we also collect the eggs…..

Climbing into the compost looking for eggs

even when they are in the compost bin!

Everyone is welcome to join us. When you here me shout egg collection, come along and help

4 responses to “Egg Collection

  1. Luke and I love the egg collecting and meeting the chickens at breakfast. We can’t wait to see you later in the summer.

  2. It’s funny how I can hear you shouting the words “egg collection” even when you write 🙂

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