Slow cooked lemony courgettes

courgettes, herbs and lemonWe have a lot of courgettes. I am not complaining as last year we had hardly any.

bunches of courgettesThis is one day’s haul so we are having to get creative with how we use our courgettes – of course we are eating them everyday – sometimes twice a day.

One of my favourite ways of cooking, eating and preserving them is to cook them very slowly in olive oil, then to add lemon zest and juice and herbs such as mint and dill and to cook until they become completely disintegrated.

Slow-cooked lemon courgettesThis gorgeousness can be eaten by itself, used as a dip, mixed with pasta, or used as a filling for enchiladas. It can also be frozen so you can have courgettes in the winter.

Turkey and slow-cooked courgette enchilada: cooked turkey meat (in our case left over roast meat from our ex-turkey daddy Ataturkeyoglu), slow-cooked courgette, grated cheese, tortillas.

This is so simple. Spread courgette mix on tortilla and add turkey meat.

enchillada filling

Roll up and put in a dish. Scatter over the cheese.

enchilladas before cooking

Bake until the cheese is melted and it is warmed through. It is so good we had it two days in a row – served with yoghurt.

enchilladasN.B. we then had it mixed with pasta, served with green beans

pasta with courgettes

6 responses to “Slow cooked lemony courgettes

  1. I’ve learnt my lesson and only planted one courgette plant this year. One of my favourite ways to eat them is to slice them lengthways, smear them with red pesto and parmesan and stick them under the grill. Loooooovely.

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