Egg Eaters

mustard eggsWe have a problem – an epidemic of egg eating. Our hens are furiously eating their eggs. This is not good. We should have stopped it when it was one hen eating eggs and contained the problem, but we didn’t and now it has spread and lots of them are doing it. We are losing a lot of eggs each day – at least 10 and probably more. Unfortunately we don’t know which ones are doing the eating – if we could find the culprits, we would chop off their heads!

We took some advice and made some decoy eggs. I blew out the egg and filled them with mustard. In theory when the hen pecks at the mustard egg they get a mouth full of mustard and it puts them off. In reality our hens just started devouring all the mustard eggs with relish!

Plan B was called for.

coffinNo, it isn’t a coffin!

We found some rollaway nest inserts on the internet that were quite cheap so James made a new series of nest boxes for the hens. We put the inserts into them and in theory (yeah!) the eggs roll away from the hen to the back of the nest box where they can’t be pecked at by the naughty hens.

nest boxesrollaway insertWe installed the new boxes in the chicken palace

installing new nest boxJames is going to make another nest box for the other side, but for now we have left their orange nest buckets!

chicken palace with new nest boxesOf course, as soon as we moved the hay bales out so we could install the new nest boxes the chickens rushed out to strike a typical smallholding pose

farmyard sceneAnd then rushed off when they thought that James would give them corn

can we have some food pleaseHopefully the new nest boxes will work


7 responses to “Egg Eaters

  1. Ok, mustard eggs. Must remember to check the eggs I buy from the back of the house very very carefully before craking them into the pan in future!

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