Planted Hugelkultur

hugelkulturI have started planting the hugelkultur beds we established – see here. So far I have planted little leeks and squash, and put on lots more alpaca poo.

little leeksA friend also gave me some much larger leeks, so I popped those in too next to some brassicas I planted.

big leeks and bassicas2

Cauliflowers and cabbages ….

cauliflowerbaby cabbage plantI planted clover as a cover crop and green manure, but forgot that clover seeds are small balls and that I planted it on a steep slope – when I watered them they all rolled down so now I have clover growing at the bottom of the beds! The path is made from old pallets.

path and cloverSome of it managed to grow around the squash though

squash and clover

The newly weaned lambs are in the PV array field next to the hugelkultur.

squash and sheep

5 responses to “Planted Hugelkultur

  1. looking good! When are you going to hire a farm hand? I can’t imagine how you guys manage with just the two of you!! Love seeing the progress!

    • We can’t afford to employ anyone – as it is I think I will be working in London until I am 70! maybe one day, I will be able to work less there and do more here – hope so. xx

  2. I can still remember the day the Hugelkultur gardens were created.Clair,Jess Henry worked so hard, while the man in the machine worked so matickously.While I was in the (very cool)toilet block they were in the sun.Oh the memories I have. I miss you all.

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