Cute Ducks and Weaned Sheep

DucksThe animals on the smallholding are growing. The ducklings are outrageously large and comical – they grow by the day.

The lambkins are no longer tiny lambs but are fat and happy. We have also weaned them. The mums were lured away to new grass in the far field. We managed it without too many incidents and apart from some baa-ing for the first day or two it was OK.


The lambs are now in their own field by the PV array.

lambkinslambs under PV array

The Oxford Sandy and Black pigs are growing and getting more and more rambunctious. I don’t think I will be sorry to see them go off to ‘university’.

pigsThe hens are naughty as usual and we still have an egg deficit, but hopefully this will improve over the next couple of weeks.

two henshenshen2

6 responses to “Cute Ducks and Weaned Sheep

  1. Oh hag stones! Learnt all about those in the Boscastle Witch Museum last week! Very interesting how they’re used!

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