Bacon and Sausages for Sale

streaky baconWe are now selling our home-reared very free-range, happy bacon and sausages from our lovely rare-breed Berkshire piggies.

Berkshires2We have smoked back bacon and streaky bacon

baconAnd also sausages

sausagesOur pigs free-range on our smallholding and are feed on pasture, veggies and organic pig pellets. We care just as much about the quality of their death as their life – see here and here for more about how we arrange this.

piggies hello

We are not set up to make sausages and bacon for sale at the moment (although I make them for our own consumption) so we have a great local company – the Wild Meat Company – make them into sausages and bacon. We then freeze them. If you want to buy some, just ask at the house and we will get them for you. Currently prices are £4.50 for a pack of sausages, £4 for a pack of back bacon and £3.50 for streaky bacon.

bedhead piggy

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