Hugging Inky Dinky Do

stroking InkyEvery now and again – maybe a couple of times a year – Inky Dinky Do sits down and lets people hug and stroke her.

Petting Inky3

Hugging an alpaca is a magical thing – especially with our three who are happy to take food but aren’t really into snuggles with humans.

Petting Inky2I love it when it happens, as her fleece is so soft and she is so calm and peaceful. I think the kids who were helping with egg collection loved it as well.

Hugging Inky3It isn’t something that happens everyday.

Petting Inky

If you ever get a chance to hug an alpaca definitely do it as I am sure it is good for the soul.

hugging InkyHug tight

Hugging an alpaca

7 responses to “Hugging Inky Dinky Do

  1. I went on an alpaca walk a few weeks ago and I actually was able to hug a baby (cria} alpaca with his mother looking on! He is jet black and absolutely gorgeous. So soft too, just a pity that it was chucking it down with rain the whole day:-( such a special day for me.

    • How fabulous. I wish ours were friendly enough to hug and walk with, but we got them when they were quite old and they weren’t used to people. I think we do quite well being able to hand feed them. Hugging the cria must have been magical.

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