The Fruits of Ones Labour

straining honeyAnd what, you may ask, is going on here?

This is me straining my first honey – yay. In the light of yesterday’s blog post and my starving little bees I should add that I strained the honey two or so weeks ago when they had lots of honey in the brood frames and some in the supers – and I only strained 4 super frames in total (2 each from two hives) and left them with the rest of the honey – no really they did have lots of honey left.

And how much did I get? A grand total of three jars and a little bit extra.

honeyIt is lovely; very dark and delicious tasting. It is also the most expensive honey ever!

Thank you to John, a friend from bee club who helped me with my first ever extraction. It may also have been the case that I found myself like Pooh Bear with my arm shoved into the extractor scooping up leftover honey and shoveling it into my mouth as if it was going out of fashion, but I couldn’t possibly comment.

I have been mainly eating it on top of homegrown raspberries with homemade yoghurt for breakfast – surely after all the stings and effort I am allowed one little smug moment?

honey breakfast

N.B. the other ‘fruits’ of this beekeeping adventure have been meeting lots of lovely, interesting people at bee club and seeing the world in a different way. I now take notice of the flowers and the blossoms, I watch bees about the place and I have another way of marking the calendar year – looking forward to doing it better and learning more next year.

2 responses to “The Fruits of Ones Labour

  1. I’m curious why its so dark? Is it the type of flowers they gather nectar from? May next year bring you buckets full!!

  2. It must be to do with the flowers they collected from, but I don’t know which ones were responsible. Someone mentioned that chestnut blossom makes dark honey, but who knows. Buckets full next year would be perfect!

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