Swimming with My Dog

swimming out to seaIt was a hot day so me and my dog went swimming. It was the best swim I have ever had at Shingle Street. We went further up the beach – we crossed over the line and we found another new pool

the poolAt low tide this very deep pool emerges – it is open to the sea on the right but the spit carries on further than I can show on my phone camera (I nearly wrote camera phone as it is basically a camera that bizarrely also functions as a phone, not that I would know as I don’t phone people).

We swam backwards and forwards across the deep pool to the spit and when we got there we walked along the submerged end of the spit.

crosing the submerged spitIt was the most Kainaat has ever swam and he is a natural – much faster than me.

swimming back to shoreSwimming with Kainaat was so much fun – I just hope we get another hot day soon.

getting outwet dogAnd then we went home and had delicious homemade vanilla icecream – see here for recipe


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