Bawdsey Ferry

Bawdsey boatsLife here is busy, it is August. The site is full, I am frantically writing, it is all I can do to pick the produce from the garden, never mind actually garden and it has rained a lot.

Here is a memory of a few weeks ago when Jeff, Kerry, Jude and Holly were here, it was sunny and we went for the morning to Bawdsey Ferry. I don’t go there enough….

Felixstow Ferry adn the Martello towerBawdsey on the beachWe played in the sea and looked for stones


Kerry and HollyHolly

Kainaat obviously came with us

Kainaat2And helped to dig for stones

Kainaat digging


Martello Tower

Lobster potsI didn’t fade this photo out round the edges as I don’t know how to do that – I took the photo through a chain-link fence!

butterflyAnd then we went to the cafe for hot chocolate and to watch the world go by

Bawdsey watching youbawdsey ferryman

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