Next August Bank Holiday

corn pancakes with baconIt is a rainy bank-holiday Monday here so a good time to make plans in between all the jam making, preserving and working dog displays. So here goes ….. next August bank holiday Monday there will be  a breakfast special at our pop-up cafe at the campsite – the cafe will pop-up next camping season starting at Easter. It was too much expense and work to get it sorted for this year. The specials will make use of the lovely corn and raspberries we have at the end of August and will be:

  • American pancakes with fresh corn, bacon and maple syrup
  • Raspberries with yoghurt and home-made honey poured on top.

The eggs, corn, bacon, raspberries and honey will be from our own smallholding and the flour, yoghurt and maple syrup will be organic and from elsewhere (still haven’t got a maple syrup tree yet ….. but we are working on the goats who will eventually provide the yoghurt).

So all I need to do is make sure I plant enough corn at the right time so we can harvest it on the bank-holiday morning (corn is nicest eaten as soon as it is picked); keep the chickens alive and persuade them not to eat all the eggs; have a word with the bees and see if we can get more than 3 jars of honey next year; plant some more raspberry canes; and choose some pigs to give us super-lovely rare-breed bacon. I am thinking trying Gloucester Old Spot or maybe some Saddlebacks would be good.

“If you build it they will come” ….. surely then “if you say it on your blog then it will happen!”

We had these pancakes this morning and they were amazing – the photos aren’t great as I was more concerned with eating the pancakes, but here’s to sharing them with everyone next year…..

corn and bacon

Fresh Corn Pancakes with Bacon and Maple Syrup: for the pancakes – 4oz plain flour, 1 tsp baking powder, 3 eggs, 5 fl oz milk, pinch of salt, two fresh cobs of corn – some bacon, maple syrup.

Separate the eggs into two different bowls. Whisk the egg whites with the salt until stiff. Mix the yolks with the flour, baking powder, and milk.

pancake mix

Fold the egg whites into the batter. Cut the corn off the cob.

fresh corn

Heat some butter in two frying pans. Put spoonfuls (I use 1 tbs of mix per pancake-ish) of the pancake mix in the pans – you should be able to put three or four in each pan. Let it cook for a bit. Add some corn on the uncooked side of the pancake and the flip it over to cook that other side. Meanwhile fry the bacon – I cooked mine a little and cooked James’ very crispy – you need to have the bacon just as you like it.

Serve pancakes with bacon and lots of maple syrup. We ate all of this – maybe for less greedy people it would serve four.

N.B. Meanwhile you can buy our lovely back and streaky bacon (and sausages) made from our free-range rare-breed Berkshire pigs at the campsite. Just come to the door and ask us for some.

4 responses to “Next August Bank Holiday

  1. I am really excited about it. I feel I should plan it in more detail, but might just leap in and see how it goes in a slightly chaotic, unprepared manner as befits the campsite and smallholding!

    • Who’d want my bees? no honey, often a republican revolution in progress and free and easy with the stings – I reckon I will be OK. Plus of course the llama pajama army are on guard duty!

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