Sheep and Dog

sheep line-upThe lambs all lined up for a photo (big aren’t they?).

Of course they needed a bit of help

reason behind sheep lineupKainaat and I have been practising sheep work nearly every day for the past couple of months. We have only been working for  about 15 minutes or so after egg collection in the evening, but it has started to make a difference. We are both beginnings. Kainaat is starting to grasp some of the commands and actions and is gaining confidence (he used to be a little wary about going round the sheep, especially at some distance).

The great news is that when I need the sheep in the pen, he can do it (without the bucket of power)

working the sheep


And when I need sheep moving he can do it. He is also able to keep the naughty lambs off the hugelkultur beds while I move hurdles around.

sheepworkAll in all he is becoming a useful working dog – as well as a lovely companion and friend


I will try and get some better photos or a video of hum in action so you can see how he is improving.


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