Sunday in Stockholm

Alison, Anaia and ZoeI went to Sweden for work (a conference on time, ethics and history) and then spent a couple of days with Alison, Felix, Anaia, Zoe, and Luca. I hadn’t seen them since they were over here last August – see here). They picked me up after the conference on Sunday morning and we hung out in Stockholm for a bit. We climbed up a hill and looked out over the city

Stockholm family2Stockholm-familyThen we had lots of lovely organic icecream – I had coffee flavour which was good, but the vegan cashew nut one was amazing – I might have to try and make that one at home.

We ran around in the skate park because you don’t need a skate board to have fun in a hole!


But sometimes it is a little tricky getting out


Then we visited the Moderna Museet (museum of modern art) where Alison works as a paper conservator. Just outside the museum there were about 10 food trucks by the waterfront and a fabulous blues band playing so we had some sushi and enjoyed the sun.

Stockholm lunchStockholm lunch2

Then we wandered back through the old town


More tomorrow on our foraging adventures in the forest.

One last thing …. on the Thursday morning before Felix and Alison very kindly dropped me off in Sigtuna for the conference we made a quick trip to the lake near their home and had a speedy, unexpected swim – cold but fabulous.

Swimming Lake

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