Foraging in a Swedish Forest

distant view of lake and dogEarly Monday morning Alison, Felix and I drove over to Hall (said hell !) where they have a little holiday cottage in the wood.

HallThey have been gradually restoring it, building a new roof, new walls, a kitchen and putting in an amazing toilet that flushes and then burns everything (they too have problems with not being on mains drainage, but in their case they are also on rock which makes putting in a sewage system very hard).

It is a lovely quirky old place and they also have another little guest cottage – lots of Swedish country places seem to have another tiny house on the property.

little houseThere are also out buildings, very very old trees and this lovely outside fireplace

fireplaceAnyway, we were on a mission to go foraging in the forest so off we set

walking in the forestWe were looking for chanterelle mushrooms – and we found some

chanterellesWe didn’t find  a huge amount, but did collect a nice big handful.

We also found and picked the last of the blueberries of the season

blueberriesand the first of the lingon

lingonLingon are a Swedish speciality – see here for my post on lingonberries picked by Fredrik’s parents.

The forest was beautiful

woods and mosssquare rockWe found lots of little troll houses

troll houseAnd a huge ant metropolis

ant cityThe ants have piled up all this leaf matter and of course, as with all great cities, they have a ring road and motorway facilitating traffic in and out. You can see the (quite large) ants if you look closely.

Ant motorwayAnd of course we took the gorgeous Raoca (I really don’t know how to spell her name – sorry) who had a great time rushing around in the woods


Tomorrow I will share the dish I made with the lovely chanterelles.

N.B. Despite my fears I think I escaped without any ticks in my pants!


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