Vegetables and Fruit

harvestLife is busy. I even forgot to do my August round-up of the garden. It was all I could manage to vaguely stay on top of harvesting and processing veggies. I haven’t made any progress with getting the plots ready for winter or for preparing a new space for growing next year – something I will definitely need if the new wonderful fruit cage takes over my existing two veggie plots, but more on this in a later post.

I am currently away for work again so  here are some photos of what has been happening in the garden and hopefully there will be time for  a proper update at the weekend.

We have done well with the broccoli (calabrese) which has kept on and on producing. It was the first time I planted it this year and apart from the original heads we have cut side shoots repeatedly. I will grow more of this next year – might even try it from seeds rather than small plants.

brocolliEven though the evil cabbage white butterflies got to some of my cauliflowers (through slack enviromesh management – i.e. I didn’t put it back on carefully each time I cut cauliflowers or cabbages – I have learnt that this is crucial), most of the brassicass are holding their own

safe cabbagesWho would have thought this would be a sight to see on the smallholding

baby brusselsThe various kales and purple sprouting broccoli are also good, but are protected by a jungle of squash and nettles currently – unfortunately no photo.

Carrots and celery are coming along

carrotsceleryThe raspberries have gone crazy and are producing as quickly as I can pick which reminds me I must pick as soon as I get home today – well after working the dog on the sheep



The green beans have finished but the borlotti are nearly ready – I love borlotti beans


Lastly the sweetcorn has done very well this year and I have discovered a new way of using it which means I am going to need to plants hundreds of seeds next year! More on this tomorrow……

ears of cornN.B. I will try and do a proper veggie garden round up later this week – I need to go out with my camera and not just boxes and baskets for collecting food.

7 responses to “Vegetables and Fruit

  1. Well done Claire , you rule this year. Thanks for the lovely courgettes mine were rubbish sadly and are my favourite veg. Xx

    • Gardening is great, even if it is just in window boxes or tubs. Eating your own food is fabulous. I have very little time to look after my garden so it is always overgrown and I am chasing my tail, but it is still possible to grow pretty much all your own fruit and vegetables – and we eat a lot of fruit and veggies. Good luck with your garden

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