Autumn bees

smokerThis year I decided not to apply apiguard (varroa treatment) to my hives. I may live to regret this rather rash decision but so be it. I put in plastic floors for two weeks and counted the varroa mite drop – there was less than 5 per floor. So instead of treating them I have decided to simply drizzle Hive Clean between the frames every week for four weeks.

hive cleanI have also been feeding them – although there is, or soon will be ivy pollen/nectar around, after their close brush with starvation I have decided they need feeding up. They have been getting lots of ambrosia over the past few weeks.

feeder2The bees seem happy-ish. Three of the hives seem quite strong, the one with the swarm is still quite small – just 5 or 6 frames.  I just hope my four hives make it through the winter ready to make lots of honey next year …. please bees.


5 responses to “Autumn bees

  1. Oh I hope it works with the bees Claire!!
    And from your Corn Curry post, I’d plant at least 200 corn plants. Maybe MORE because you don’t have enough to take care of yet!!
    I know, I know….shut UP Mary….

  2. I have that feeder! There does seem to be a problem with bees meeting a sugary death sometimes. Can I let you in on a little secret? I rarely count varroa drop. I do the treatments, but every once in a while I don’t do the autumn one or will be too busy for the winter. Fingers crossed, no epidemic yet. (she says running away from the bee police)

    • I now have three different types of feeder, but maybe I like this one best. I don’t like the ones with the mesh that you have to invert and hopefully get on the hole in the crown board. but more importantly there are bee police ?? Oh now, I am in so much trouble – i had better start running now.

      Thanks for the tip about the treatments. Last year I did apiguard in August/September and then oxalic acid in January (I think) this year just hive clean – we will see.

      • We have the mesh one as well, and I agree with you, it’s not my favourite. I say ‘bee police’, but really there seems to be a loose affiliation of rather bossy beekeepers out there who are quite forward about correcting you. Thankfully, there are more of the opposite kind-friendly, flexible, and always ready to learn that their way is not the only way….

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