I Forget the Sea

The seaI forget the sea ….. with all the vegetable-growing, animal-keeping, dog-training, egg-collection, baking, preserving, cooking, beekeeping, writing, reading and teaching, oh and the campsite, it is easy to forget we live so close to the sea. We don’t visit as often as we should.


On Wednesday I got back from three very intensive days away working on a huge Christian-Muslim bibliographic project and was exhausted. I had been sitting in a car or in meetings and hadn’t had any opportunity to walk. I missed this little one.


I needed to go to the sea. So Kainaat, James and me went to Shingle Street.


We walked. It was good.

Version 2

I need to go there more often.

ShingleIt is a special place. Where else would a little blue truck chug out a long trail of pure white shells dividing space?

the little shell truckI like to think that the white line that bifurcates the beach and which is always there marks the boundaries between realities, but then I probably need more sleep.

the dividing lineN.B. the observant among you will have noted a difference in the photos. The first ones were from Wednesday evening, the last two from a sunny day earlier in the summer. I forgot to take photos of the line on Wednesday.

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