Abattoir Day

pigs5Today we took our four Oxford, Sandy and Black pigs to the abattoir. Never an easy task. We had put the trailer next to their pen for the past week and fed them in the trailer so they were used to it and got in with no problem.

pig pen

After taking the egg-collection crew to feed them some treats

feeding pigs

we slap-marked them on Saturday evening – it doesn’t hurt – they don’t even stop eating their dinner

slapmarking pigsThey had a good summer here, they lazed in the sun, grazed, rooted, ate apples and chased each other around ….a good life. Thank you piggies.

pigs eating their greenspigs2pigs3pigs4N.B. the bucket of power worked a treat at getting them out at the abattoir, so no stress there. The giant boar that was also in the lairage with them was not so good!

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