Perhaps I shouldn’t have said that ….

bloodWe wait for the blood from our pigs at the abattoir – nothing is wasted here. The slaughterman puts it into a big tub that I have and I add vinegar to stop it congealing.

We stuff it between the front and back seats in the landrover. It is wedged in well as we don’t want it to spill – yes we have a lid for it as well.

On the way home, we stopped briefly in our local town to get some tuperware to freeze the blood in while I wait for the back fat from the pigs. We parked the landrover and trailer in the carpark.

The man in the shop was super friendly and just a little patronising. When he commented that I was certainly going to have a busy day with all the tuperware I was buying I couldn’t help it …… it just came out. I told him I needed a lot to keep all the blood in.

We grabbed a quick coffee and came back to the landrover. When I saw who was parked next to us I thought that perhaps I shouldn’t have said that ….

forensic van

4 responses to “Perhaps I shouldn’t have said that ….

    • I make black pudding, lots and lots of black pudding. It is fabulous. I feed some of the congealed bits to the dog. I am thinking about making some other recipes this time though – I have one for chocolate and blood icecream, blood pancakes etc.

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