The Growth of the Hugelkultur

HugelkulturThe hugelkultur beds are thriving.

Earlier in the season I planted squash that took a while to get started – the first batch withered into nothing. Now we have two different kinds growing. Right now I wish that  I had noted down what they were. I think they are heritage seeds from our friends Jess and Henry.

hugelkultur-squashThe squash has acted as a perfect cover crop – reducing the weeds – although some thistles have still got through. It has grown so voraciously that it has crawled over the path and onto the spare bed.

hugelkultur pathI also planted a cover crop of clover. I will leave this for a few more months and then cover it all with black plastic or weedblock to let it mulch back into the soil. This is the lazy way of tilling it in – hope it works.


I have been most impressed with the brassicas from my friends Christine and Nathan – the cauliflowers are already perfect. I was worried that planting on a slope might not work as I have to cover brassicas to protect them from the cabbage white and pigeons, but it worked out fine.


The leeks have mainly survived and thrived as well. We had some last night for dinner – see tomorrow for the recipe.

hugelkultur4I am looking forward to planting more vegetables on the beds next year. I do find nibbled bits of clover though which makes me think that there are rabbits around – who am I kidding? Of course there are rabbits in there. So I will have to either rabbit-proof the field or only plant rabbit resilient veggies – no lettuce then.


I have started expanding the beds for next year. I have opted to test the hugelkultur for another season or two before I make more of these beds. Plus I need to procure lots more wood before I can do this. So I have decided to move onto the flat space where the polytunnel will eventually be – behind the PV array. I have covered some of it with black plastic to kill the grass – hopefully this will be achieved by next year, but if not, I will wait until it is. I don’t have time to dig the sod out, but I do have time to wait….

hugelkultur black plastic

N.B. my plan has already been tested by the naughty turkeys who have jumped and shredded the plastic a bit. I now need to put another layer down – bad turkeys – we really need to clip their wings – another job for the weekend.

3 responses to “The Growth of the Hugelkultur

  1. Simply amazing. And once again, you make the rest of us look bad. Wish i was there to make you my favorite onion (leek), cauliflower, potato and pea curry dish. Think of me when you make your own version! then tell me how delish it was. I’ll await your response….

    • Your curry dish sounds amazing. I love curry and don’t eat it often enough. I make a cauliflower and potato one that my neighbour in Birmingham showed me how to make, but yours sounds really lovely.

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