If you had to choose between turkeys or goats …..

turkeysWhich would you choose?

turkeys5James doesn’t like the turkeys – he isn’t happy that he became an accidental turkey farmer. He doesn’t like it that they keep getting out and I suspect he doesn’t like the fact that there are so many of them. I, on the other hand, think they are sweet and curious and naughty – I love them.

But he offered me a deal that is hard to say no to.

Get rid of the turkeys and we can get goats.


Um….. well we had always planned for goats and it is true that the turkeys are currently living in the planned goat enclosure – the one thing we vaguely planned – yay us.

And I want goats, I really want goats because I want their milk. I want to be able to stop buying milk, butter, cream and cheese – another little step towards reasonable self-sufficiency – yes reasonable self-sufficiency because I am never ever going to be able to grow wheat or rice.

The main hold up to getting goats apart from such little triffling issues such as no goat house, milking space, the expenses involved etc etc is that they will need to be milked everyday. I am in London for two or three days a week so this means milking will have to be a joint effort.


But now James has said that if the turkeys go he will help with the milking…..

He has already done research on goat types and housing. I think secretly he really wants goats …. hee hee hee.

So what would you choose? Goats or turkeys?

turkeys4N.B. Sorry about the quality of the photos, I took them on my phone and the light wasn’t very good early this morning.

17 responses to “If you had to choose between turkeys or goats …..

  1. I would get goats because you already have enough animals to provide your meat requirements and turkey are good for little else. Goats will provide the dairy side of things, and goats cheese is delicious. Also goats can be really nice (choose breeds carefully – not Anglo-Nubians they are aggressive), and milking them is kind of fun. Xx

    • Oh it is so a done deal – and when I collapse with the stress of having two separate busy lives I will blame everyone else! James has his heart set on Golden Guernseys because they are pretty – I want a milk goat crossed with a meat goat so we get milk and the boys have some meat worth eating on them. Good to know about hte Anglo-NUbians. I am also thinking about going down the Pygmy goat route ….. some milk and seriously cute. Maybe we will become goat farmers and get rid of the sheep …… but then who will Kainaat play with …. have to get a puppy….

  2. Goats goats goats. They are little escape artists but so hard to resist. I’m try to convince Mr. Fairweather that we should try goats again. Get a kid and start from there. He’s not biting. 😦

  3. The best way to persuade someone to let you have goats is get turkeys. Get a lot of turkeys and then suddenly goats won’t seem so bad and you will have a bargaining chip!

    • We already have lots of different chickens and ducks – so this kind of ticks the bird box. I am secretly planning quail as well, but don’t tell James ….. Cute baby goats versus gorgeous fluffy turkey chicks – it is so hard.

  4. Goats….or (to add another option) Geese? Geese offer both superb eggs and meat. I’d have Goats AND Geese!

    • Yes, goats and geese is a good choice! Geese are already on the list, but we must finish the pond before we get them. There isn’t enough room in the various tubs and buckets for the ducks as is – maybe I will hatch some for next spring …..

  5. I’m a vegetarian so can’t quite say turkeys, but they look fun to have. Geese sound good too. Like the idea of goats. Never kept animals other than cats so not speaking from experience!

    • Turkeys are fun, but naughty. I think possibly we have too many turkeys. We don’t eat much meat and I only eat meat we have raised – so we definitely have too many turkeys. I want to try geese, but they are quite big (and just a little scary). Cats are the best, but we definitely definitely don’t eat cats!

  6. GOATS!!! Uncle Bill had goats. The meat sells well, they make milk for cheese, they are freaking adorable and will make you laugh! YOU NEED TO HIRE A PART TIME FARM HAND! Jus’ sayin’….
    Maybe you could trade produce and meat for a helper from the area? And free camping if that sweetens the deal?

    • Bill’s little goat babies were so cute! No money to hire anyone – if we did have spare cash I would go part time and do more here (which is what I want to do – running the food truck will take time), or James would give up his crappy job. It is difficult working to create a balance but I am sure we will get there one day xx.

  7. Before buying the goats check in with Bill as I remember he had trouble with many vet visits due to illnesses and some issue with births, too. His winters were more harsh and maybe that was part of illness issue. Not clear. But overall it was a good experience I think. Just might be good to talk out reality of the breeds he had and how much work it really is. And like Mary said there is a market for kosher goats I think if that is of interest.

    • Hi Chris, we want goats primarily for milk not meat so will probably be looking at different breeds to those Bill had. Although all the advice we can get about them is very welcome. First we must build their house though ….. xx

  8. Yes!!!!! Definitely goats. Lovely creatures. Really enjoyed keeping them for 12 years. Means we could say hi to them when we caravan with you. . . . .even milk them???

    • Oh yes please, of course you could visit and milk them. You could teach us, we know nothing about goats – you could be our goat guru. What kind did you keep?

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