SquashAfter chicken killing and preparation on Sunday there was just enough time for squash harvesting. The butternut squash in the Meso-American garden (see here) did pretty well.

butternutThere were also some of these – not sure what they are called – could they be acorn squash or delicata? I never remember to label my plants, I always think I will remember and I never ever do.

squash growingAll the corn is finished in the garden, and there are just one or two tiny courgettes still hanging on and a few borlotti drying

borlotti drying

Autumn mesoAmerican gardenNow I just need to tidy up the garden ready for winter.  Behind the dying squash plants are some of my winter brassica and the raspberries which are still going wonderfully.

After picking the squash I popped them in the greenhouse to cure for a few weeks and then they will be ready for winter storage. Expect lots of squash recipes soon.

Squash in greenhouse

4 responses to “Squash

  1. I think it might be better for everyone. We had a vegetarian squash tart for dinner – will blog about it soon I think as it is so lovely …. and we have a lot of squash.

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