The Grass isn’t Always Greener

beach huts2Sometimes I think having a normal life where you don’t have to work all weekend and evenings (after a full week of work) on a smallholding would be good. We could go out for day trips and such things. Sometimes I think that would be more fun than digging ponds, planting trees, building sheds and harvesting vegetables.

So every year (at least once) we go out for a trip. On Sunday we went for a day out. OK so when I say it was a day out, I mean I first made grape jelly before breakfast and then killed, plucked and butchered four Ixworth cockerels – basically we went for an afternoon out.

We decided to cross the river Deben and leave our little peninsula and head for the bright, brash lights of Felixstow.

Looking towards Felixstow Ferry

We got to Bawdsey Ferry and waved the bat to attract the ferryman to take us across to Felixstow Ferry. There weren’t many people – there was just us.

mouth of the Deben


Then we walked the few miles along the coast to Felixstow.  Unlike our side of the river Deben which is wild and very undeveloped, the other side has a path (!) and beach huts and icecream stands.

walking to Felixstowbeach hutsMartello Tower

When we got to Felixstow Kainaat dug in the sand


and then we went for a pretty good pub lunch sitting looking out to sea watching the containers go by.

Container shipsWe went in search of Old Felixstow, hoping for a quaint few streets with cafes and interesting curio shops, but it was just a residential area. So we walked back in the drizzly grey of an October Sunday and thought that actually life on the smallholding is pretty near perfect and days out are often over-rated. We are lucky enough to live in such a beautiful area that aside from going to Shingle Street for a swim or a walk, where else could we go that would be better?

Looking towards Bawdsey Ferry

Looking towards Bawdsey Ferry

N.B. We did have a nice time and it is good to get out and about, but really we quite like working on the smallholding.

4 responses to “The Grass isn’t Always Greener

  1. I couldn’t agree more Claire. Almost hands down I’d rather stay home than go out. For me working, marriage and kids and a few house animals fill my life. And then you have the farm. I’m glad you love your life, cuz it’s a darn good one. Xoxo

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