Killing Turkeys

me and turkeyFor some crazy reason we (well maybe I) decided to make lots of roast turkeys for Daisy Dog Day. As we found ourselves as accidental turkey farmers this year we have lots of turkeys that  we need to do something with. Having a big feast with friends seemed like a wonderful way to celebrate Daisy Dog and the bounty of the smallholding.

Version 2

So on Sunday we killed a few of them. Never an easy job, but they had a good life and a quiet death.


We killed the Norfolk Black as he seemed so big that I wasn’t sure he would make a good turkey daddy, a couple of females and another male.

james and turkeyturkey killing zone

treesdead turkey

The Norfolk Black was a large bird

james and dead turkeyAnd then I plucked them.


N.B. The astue among you will have noticed a reference to me needing to keep a turkey daddy for next year. Looks like goats or turkeys became goats and turkeys – who knew – hee hee


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