Daisy Dog Day – Part One – Planting the Tree

planting the treeBecause Daisy Dog died so suddenly (see here), and because she was beloved by many more than James and I we organised Daisy Dog Day to give people a chance to say goodbye. We planned to plant a tree for her and then have a party.

At 3pm we set off to plant the tree where Daisy is buried in the sheep fields (it is a lime that Juliet gave us – thank you).

off to plant the treeon the way2The sheep looked on from their shelter

planting and the sheep look onI put 4 turkey heads at the bottom of the hole to nourish the land – Daisy Dog loved to eat turkey heads.

turkey heads in pot

putting int he turkey heads

turkey heads

Then we all planted bulbs

planting bulbsAnd then daisys and violas

planting the daisys round the treeWe placed a frisbee round the tree

putting the frisbee round the treeKainaat helped

Kainaat helping with the frisbee

We watered the tree and said goodbye

watering the tree2planting tree- James and Kainaat

Although it had been a rainy morning as we finished planting Daisy Dog’s tree the sun came out…

And the sun came outDaisy Dog Tree

N.B. more tomorrow on the party and planting bulbs round Twinkletoes’ tree.

Thank you to Tony for the lovely photos and to everyone for coming and helping to make it such a special day.

7 responses to “Daisy Dog Day – Part One – Planting the Tree

  1. This is a beautiful tribute and remembrance for Daisy Dog. I feel the loss and thank you for posting this celebration of her life. I’m making a painting of her from some of the pictures you have posted in the past. Not sure why I feel so bonded to her, but there it is…

  2. Thank you Crayton for your kind words. I wish you could have met her – she was a remarkable and very unique dog. I am not sure I will ever have another dog that special. She also delighted and was delighted by all the kids on the campsite – something very special. xx

  3. Thank you for sharing your day of ritual for Daisy. Very sweet. Always makes me happy to see you and James with your smallholding community and commemorating the significant events of your life with them. Thanks for sharing this with the rest of us who miss you both so very much.

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