White Rabbits, White Rabbits, White Rabbits

sun over sheep fieldsI know this is a day late, but we always say white rabbits (3x) to each other as soon as we wake up on the first day of a new month. My mum and dad always said it to us as we were growing up and after my mum died, when my lovely dad was lost in sorrow, demons and ill-health he would still always phone me early in the morning before work to say white rabbits to me.


I thought of this yesterday morning as I wandered round the quiet campsite. It was really misty but the sun was breaking though.

new field and sheepcampsite2-small


It looked as if the sun would burn off the mist, but an hour later we were wrapped in fog for the rest of the day – almost a caricature of a November morning. It was a warm, but still day; eerie and beautiful.


We are now closed for the winter. Time for me to write these books (squeak – quick panic about deadlines, but the fear is on me now so hopefully this will concentrate my mind) and for us to start and complete some of our projects that got put on hold over the summer.

turkey enclosure

turkeysTime to sort out the garden

misty hugelkultur

misty meso-american gardenmisty garden2We also get to go to bed at 8pm – how absolutely wonderful!

N.B. of course you all know that you only say white rabbits when there is an r in the month. For other months you just say rabbits – but you have to say it three times.

7 responses to “White Rabbits, White Rabbits, White Rabbits

  1. I was only aware of having to say ‘rabbits’ on the last day of February and ‘hares’ on the first of March – your family has a whole year worth of rabbits. That’s nice. Lovely photos of the fog too

  2. So, basically forget the (so called) warmer months – May, June, July, August? Just “white rabbits” the rest of the year?
    Oh, why white rabbit?
    Oh, and, your Dad was too cute.
    See you for “last weekend.”

  3. You have to say “rabbits” in the warmer months. I have absolutely no idea why, but I am not going to be the one to stop this tradition! He certainly was. See you next weekend.

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