Daisy Dog Day – part three – the Party

marquee4And at the end of Daisy Dog Day we had a big crazy campsite party.  I was too busy to take photos of the party so a few of the preparations will have to suffice.

It was really a communal campsite party and everyone helped make it really special. Tony brought his marquee, put it up ad then took it down – single handed!

marqueeThe campsite kids decorated it with carved pumpkins, Daisy Dog Day paper chains, and pictures of Daisy that they had drawn.

decorated marqueeOther people organised tables and chairs, lights and music


The kids tested out the seating

hanging out

Hattie added a cuteness factor

HattieKainaat checked everything out, then kindly spent the evening cleaning up spilt food – such a tidy dog

getting ready

But what about the food ….. surely it is normal when you only have one oven to decide to have a campsite party and then make roast turkey for about 60 – I mean everyone does it don’t they?

This is my favourite photo – the campsite fridge taken over by two giant turkeys, bottles of fizzy and wrapped in baking paper at the top my 12-month cured leg of British Lop prosciutto

outside fridge

The Menu:

  • 2 large roast turkeys (thank you to Shirley for lending me her oven)
  • roast potatoes, roast vegetables and the most delicious home-made gravy
  • Sausages (made by Ruse from our Oxford, Sandy and Black pigs – I know I shouldn’t say so but really these could be the best sausages I have ever eaten)
  • cream of turkey soup
  • vegan squash, corn and bean soup
  • lots of apple pies and apple crumbles
  • vanilla icecream
  • bread buns from the Cake Shop

Everything apart from the milk, cream, butter, flour and bread was from the smallholding and it was all homemade.

Martin valiantly barbecued about 90 sausages

getting the BBQ readyAnne and Bruce manned the soup station – such a cool idea to keep the giant pots of soup warm on a fire pit. I made some apple pies and a gluten-free crumble, but Angela, Anne and Faeren made lots of regular apple crumbles

pies and crumbleMike and Holly sliced hundreds of buns

Cutting bunsHelen and Mike chopped vegetables as if there was no tomorrow

roast veggiesand Kerry was in charge of the soups

Kerry making soupsoupShe also did the most amazing job carving the two roast turkeys

roast turkeyAnd what did I do? Well I tried to fit everything in a small domestic oven!

Thank you also to everyone who helped wash up during the event when I realised that of course I don’t have enough cups for soup for 60 or plates for roast dinners and crumble and icecream – and let us not even contemplate my complete lack of drinking vessels!

It was a fabulous event and only happened because of everyone who helped and who came – thank you all so much.

evening partyI have a feeling this is going to become an annual event – how about middle eastern lamb stew next year? We need to work our way up slowly to a whole roast pig I think.

N.B. Can someone else be in charge of photos next time as I am rubbish at it.

N.B. Of course smallholding life continues so thank you to James and Nigel for moving the sheep and feeding the animals etc etc.



10 responses to “Daisy Dog Day – part three – the Party

  1. Seriously, if this becomes a yearly party, I’m coming to one or 10….
    What a wonderful crowd of people and WHAT A PARTY!!

  2. Claire and James thank you it was wonderful event to mark the celebration of Daisy Dog and also to mark the end of another year of camping at the best ever camp site. No one can beat it. Bruce & Anne, Martin, Faeren & Caleb (happy campers)

  3. Not sure I’ll be offering to carve the turkey at Christmas this year! But was good fun and definitely going to make the bean soup at home. Next year I’ll come up a week in advance to start prepping… xx

  4. You did an utterly amazing job carving the turkeys – thank you. I am glad we have pizza at Christmas – just so much easier. I have been eating a lot of the soup and with all the squash we have I will be making it a lot this winter I think.

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