Picking Apples

collecting applesAlthough we picked most of our apples a month or so ago there were still quite a few up in the tree in especially tricky places. Luckily I had a team of expert apple pickers to help me collect them.

Sam and Alex clambered up the tree and with at times heart-stopping dexterity managed to get the apples from even the furthest-most reaches of the tree, perching precariously on the flimsiest of branches.

kids in treeskids in trees4picking apples

They threw the apples down to me, I passed them to Holly and Holly put them in the boxes – team work.

applesKerry also went up the extremely rickety ladder (I stayed safely on the ground – after all someone had to catch the apples and pass them to Holly!)

kerryAnd then we wrapped them so we could store them for the winter

wrapping apples3wrapping applesThank you Kerry, Holly, Sam and Alex – best apple picking team ever. Same time, same place next year?

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