A Short Autumn Walk in the Afternoon

alpacasWalks always start with alpacas don’t they? This is our short afternoon walk, a quick run around the field behind our campsite, along the track we aren’t supposed to walk along – squeak – how naughty are we?

_MG_1047Through the wood behind the smallholding up to the holly tree.

_MG_1050.JPG_MG_1057_MG_1058On the right is a big open field


Not left at this path – we’re walking all the way round the sugar-beet field

_MG_1061Just a bit further on to the holly tree, the sloes and the flowering ivy that the bees love



When we walk further we walk straight down here, but today we are going left – even though the sign says we can’t – we don’t care, we live dangerously.


Along the track next to the field where they grew potatoes this year.

_MG_1067The beech and oak trees are beautiful

_MG_1068Left again at the next holly tree just before the farm

_MG_1075We walk carefully round the edge of the field not disturbing the sugar-beet, but we always obsessively collect the fattest chestnuts from the trees here

_MG_1076Then left again round the other side of the sugar-beet field

_MG_1077Past the blackberries that we shovel into our mouths from August until November

_MG_1080And then up through the village play area

_MG_1081And into the campsite



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