The Last Walk

_MG_1083As I was writing my post on Monday I had no idea that Psyche, our greyhound friend, had started out on her  last walk.

Psyche and shadows

Psyche was my friend Shirley’s dog. I have been walking once or twice a day, most days, with Shirley and Psyche for the last 5 years – first thing in the morning and later in the afternoon.

Psyche in the morning

Psyche also regularly came round to visit and would sit with Daisy Dog and Kainaat on the sofa. I took her to dog training classes where she flirted with German Shepherds. When I went to track my dogs, Psyche would come and snuffle about while Daisy Dog and Kainaat tracked. Psyche liked to ride in cars. She liked to be part of things

Psyche, Daisy and Kainaat

Psyche was an easy dog to love, she was not very demanding and she was very good-natured. She was easy to walk

Holly walking dogs

She waited patiently while we skated on icy puddles

Psyche and Kerry on ice

She lived life on her terms and it was a wonderful life. She had a notoriously bad recall and could run much, much faster than me. She had me wrapped around her paw.

Psyche and leaves

She was a beautiful girl and she gave a quiet joy to those who knew her.

Psyche on heath

Psyche  collapsed on Sunday and had spent the night at the vets. But by Monday morning she had rallied, had eaten breakfast and when I went to collect her with Shirley she eagerly jumped onto the backseat of our car. She had a good day. She pottered around the block with Shirley and ate her dinner.

But then she collapsed. Shirley called and we went round. Psyche’s breathing was somewhat laboured, but she didn’t seem too distressed. We sat with her, carefully carried her into the car, but she died with her head in Shirley’s lap.

We buried her on the smallholding, along the avenue of trees that divides up our fields, the avenue that she walked along every morning, the avenue we long ago named Psyche’s Walk. She is in view of her friend Daisy Dog and close to the chickens she studiously pretended to ignore.


She was a lovely dog and will be missed.

7 responses to “The Last Walk

  1. Too sad. But like you said, she’d had a wonderful life. I’m glad she passed while being held by Shirley. She knew love and that’s a wonderful thing.

  2. Dear Psyche, she will be missed. Claire your comment that she gave ‘quiet joy’ is spot on . She was well loved and had a good life.

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