Quick the piglets are coming ….

The pigs are comingStop what you are doing the piglets are coming.

Everyone on the smallholding was keen to see the new arrivals and rushed over – even the alpacas – although Peanut took the opportunity to have a sneaky nibble on one of the trees.

alpacas watching the arrivalTheir home was all ready and prepared

new homeWhat would they be like? Friendly, shy, rambunctious, tasty ?


Here are our lovely rare-breed Gloucester Old Spot piggies. Of course James got straight in with them (he loves pigs, but doesn’t like ducks) – he’s the pig man. The pigs are super-friendly – the friendliest pigs we have ever had.

pig manThey weren’t too sure about coming out

not sure about this

But curiosity got the better of them and slowly the came down the ramp of the trailer

pigs in trailercoming outYou go first. No you go first …..

you go first, no you goThis grass does look tasty though ….

This grass looks tasty

Juniper wanted to know if they were ever coming out of the trailer.

alpacas and hensMore tomorrow on the piggies in their new home ….

8 responses to “Quick the piglets are coming ….

    • No, not really. We have kept pigs for a few years but mainly from the spring until the autumn although last year we started in February. We are thinking of breeding and want to see what it is like keeping growers through the winter first.

  1. As a child growing up we used to have Gloucester Old Spots, they were great fun and such characters. We had two Dairy cows and the pigs would have what ever was left of the milk with their food.
    Those were the days…
    Love the Alpacas sneaking a peak too.

    • How fabulous. We are planning on getting goats and giving them left-over milk and whey to the pigs. The alpacas pretend to be aloof but they are really very curious.

      • Yes it was the whey we gave them rather than the milk – sorry. Have fun with the goats, they can be quite mischievous and eat anything in sight. (I’m laughing as it’s reminded of when one ate my hat!).

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