The Gloucester Old Spots

thinking about coming outYesterday’s post finished with the piggies thinking about coming out of the trailer – lured by the promise of fresh grass. Curiosity and a bit of encouragement got them out

Coming out2much to the delight of the chickens who came to watch

chickens watching the piggiesThe alpacas weren’t so impressed – I think they have realised they might have competition for the grass in this field from now on

curious alpacasOnce out of the trailer the pigs set about exploring their new surroundings

close-up piggies

And eating mouthfuls of grass

eating grassEating grass2

And joy of joy they also seem to like thistles. I am so hoping that they gobble up all the thistles unlike the Oxford Sandy and Black pigs who studiously avoided eating any of them!

eating thistles

They had a good look around their new accommodation

pig ark

They are very friendly piggies

ever friendly piggyalthough I think James was surprised at how friendly they could be

surprised james

6 responses to “The Gloucester Old Spots

  1. Just adorable and yes I love how the hens have to view the newbies.

    I can still remember the high pitched squealing when excitement or nervousness creeps in.

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