Putting the bees to bed for the winter

smokerA few weeks ago I put my bees to bed for the winter. Every week  (more or less – well OK less) for four weeks I had treated them with HiveClean and feed them ambrosia syrup. I then picked a Sunday that was predicted to be warm and sunny to remove the feeders, feed fondant and wrap them in chicken wire.

bees on frames

I chose this day – November 1 – possibly the foggiest day we have had in ages. The bees were not happy at being disturbed – really not happy.

Anyway, after watching the very useful film on MyLatinNotebook’s lovely blog – see here I fed my bees fondant as well – I put the fondant directly on top of the frames, added a super, then the crown board and popped the roof back on.

feeding fondant

I am now a little worried that they will fill in the space in the super with free-form comb as they did last year. I am also a bit worried that they will get cold. Any thoughts anyone ??

I wrapped them in chicken wire to stop the woodpeckers having access to an all you can eat buzzy, sweet buffet.

wrapping the hives in chicken wire

As you can see I also put heavy bricks on two roofs – I meant to get another two bricks and put them on the two new hives, but forgot. Now I think about it I haven’t checked the bees since the heavy winds of Tuesday and yesterday ….. so that’ll be me running off to make sure my hives didn’t get blown over …..

N.B. I so promise to be a better beekeeper next year – really bees, I will try my hardest.

7 responses to “Putting the bees to bed for the winter

  1. Every year I tell myself I’ll be a better beekeeper. Hasn’t happened yet. Maybe we could keep each other bee focused next year. When we’re better beekeepers. 😉
    I read somewhere that whether the hive is on the side of a glacier or a volcano, the inside of the Hi e is always the same as the bees regulate the temperature themselves

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