The Toilet Block

shower signCome on ….. take a look inside to see how the fabulous toilet block is coming along.

But please leave your muddy boots at the door

leave your boots at the doorI am not sure James is happy with me going inside the new toilet block. Here he is checking I am not messing around with anything.

just checkingIt is very nearly finished. There is a lovely shower

showerFacilities for those of us with mobility issues

Doc M toiletAnd the world’s largest public toilet

the giant toiletJust don’t ask why it is this big. This is something I will be grumbling about as I go to my grave.

There is a little more to do on the washing up points outside

washing up areaAnd with the waste water point

waste water drainageoutside tapThe boiler room needs to stop being a workshop

boiler room

But the fencing is getting done and the grass is growing back

putting the roof onThe first stage is nearly complete and will be open next season (assuming James lets people use it) – we couldn’t afford to do it all in one go so are doing it in stages.

Isn’t it beautiful, the tiling is fabulous and there is underfloor heating (again something I will be grumbling about as I take my last breath!). If you want to read the story of  Super Harold and the tiling see here.

Well done James for doing such a good job – more updates soon when it is really, really nearly finished!

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