Double Baked Potatoes with Leek and Stilton

double baked potatoes with leeks and cheeseI wanted to do a blog post on making medlar jelly and medlar cheese, but I have been marking all day – oh and training the dog on the sheep for a bit.

So instead there is a single photo of the amazing dish I made last Saturday night. I was too tired to take photos of the process, but it really is rather effortless and utterly delicious. We had it with the smallest roast carrots in the world. I have now realised why people thin out their carrot seedlings, if you don’t you get teeny-tiny carrots.

Double Baked Potatoes with Leek and Stilton: two large potatoes; 4 leeks; lump of Stilton cheese or another cheese; spoonful of butter; splash of milk. Bake the potatoes. Meanwhile slice the leeks and cook slowly in butter. Let them cool a bit and scoop out the potato. Mash it with butter and milk – you could add in some cream too if you fancied. Add in 3/4 of the cheese cut into cubes. Mix in the leeks. Spoon it back into the potato jackets, top with more cheese and bake again for 15-30 minutes or so until brown on top.

As we have a lot of potatoes and leeks I reckon we will be eating quite a bit of this.

5 responses to “Double Baked Potatoes with Leek and Stilton

  1. I haven’t grown any leeks this year but I love them! Stilton is always a firm favourite though I don’t often buy it these days. Perhaps this gives me a good excuse to purchase some.
    Loving this idea…

  2. You could use other greens if you liked – we will probably try it with kale sooner or later as we have a lot of that. It is always a good idea to have an excuse to buy stilton!

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