The Seemingly Mundane

IxworthsIt is easy to find chores boring and to resent doing them.  Sometimes I start to feel this way and then I remember how lucky I am to have the animals to look after, to walk at dawn through the campsite and smallholding, to look for duck eggs, feed hay to the sheep, and give apples to the pigs all with Kainaat bouncing around. Taking photos for the blog and thinking about the things we do is one more way of taking time to remember all the loveliness in the seemingly mundane.

So here is a quick peak into the various jobs we do in the morning before work. On the days that James is at Tesco by 6am I do the animals, but when he is at home, he does them.

First we fill up the feeders – we leave them empty at night to deter rats

feedersThen we have to fill up the assorted receptacles so the ducks can start their ablutions. The new, highly complex, duck pond system should hopefully be here when I get back home tonight – then we just have to install it, shift dirt, sort out electrics, drop rocks all around it and hope it works etc etc etc.

the bath tubI always let the Runner ducks out before the Pekins so they get a chance to at least wash their faces before the large, lumbering and frankly quite rude Pekins muscle their way in and dominate the water.

filling the duck bathsAnd then I let out the Pekins – we have 5 girls and 1 drake which is sort of good and sort of not. I was hoping for a couple of drakes as then I could eat one – they look fat and tasty don’t they ?Pekin ducks They waddle straight for the water

ablutions1ablutions2And as I leave some of the hens hop out of the Pear Garden ready to start their day with a quick scrape and forage under the trees.

little brown henThe little brown hen won’t live with the other hens on the smallholding and the Ixworths don’t let her sleep with them. Where she goes nobody knows, but we do know she lays fresh eggs for our neighbour Shirley in her garden and then comes back for breakfast at ours!


3 responses to “The Seemingly Mundane

  1. Oh I love your little brown hen – I love the quirkiness of nipping next door to lay an egg in peace and quiet!
    I know what you mean about the rats too – they’ve just returned to our place. We suspend our feed hoppers up off the floor at night for the same reason you empty yours. They can be a real pain at times. I’ve not seen any signs of new holes but they’ve been at the bait.
    Your Pekins look as though they’re full of character too. 😉

  2. I know rats have to have somewhere to live but they don’t all have to live here! We have a real problem with them – so all the food goes away at night into sheds (although a rat did eat through the wall of a shed once) and I have bought a wormery so we don’t have to compost our veggie waste in the open compost bins. Hope the rats stay away from yours from now on. Little brown hen is a sweetheart.

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