Sheep Update

lambkinsThe lambkins have been found! Just after I posted my blog this morning James sent me a text with this attached.

naughty sheepThe lambkins had been sighted. It appears they had escaped the hurdles, walked across the smallholding, continued past their mums along the bridleway, crossed the road and then wandered into a massive field of rapeseed. The field is so big that although houses back onto it and people walk around the edges it is likely no-one would have seen them – we didn’t. Although we were also concentrating on looking around the land behind our site and not across the road.  Then this morning someone phoned James to let him know. They are all home safely in their field but we are still spending the weekend erecting gates as we don’t want them doing this again!

Thank you everyone for all your kind comments – I can’t tell you how happy I have been all day, not only to know that the lambs are safe but that no-one stole them so we are safe too.

I still don’t know how they managed this as they have never tried anything like it before – maybe it was teenage naughtiness!

N.B. I would have posted before but have been teaching all day

18 responses to “Sheep Update

  1. Whew, Glad all is well, guess it was a timely reminder , cattle have been stolen on ‘the archers’ so it can happen anywhere !! And keep those turkeys close. Xx Pat

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