Stolen Sheep

posinOn Wednesday night my beautiful lambs were stolen. Someone came onto our campsite and smallholding and took the 8 lambs that were born here earlier this year.


I am gutted. I can’t imagine why someone would do this to us. I am besides myself with worry about my lambs. As I have said here many times how our animals live and die is of huge importance to us.


I have invested hundreds of hours in the lambs, from helping to bring them into the world, to bottle feeding them when they needed it, to feeding and looking after them as they grew. James built them a shelter and we have moved the hurdles every few days in recent weeks to give them fresh grass. I had planned to breed the ewes and the wethers were to feed our family and friends.  This is a huge blow to us emotionally and also economically.


What I have also lost is my trust and sense of security. We felt safe here – our smallholding was an open space – to some extent this will have to change from now on as I have to be able to protect my animals

I am sure I will come to reconcile all of this in time but right now we are spending the weekend hanging gates and planning new fencing – oh and of course building the alpaca shelter …. I probably didn’t mention that this was blown down in a storm a few weeks ago…. it never rains but it pours.


If you are local to us and you see or hear anything, please let us know. Someone, somewhere must know about this. The police have been informed.

N.B. we don’t think they just wandered off. We searched all around our smallholding in in the open spaces behind it for hours but couldn’t find any trace of them and no-one else has seen them. It is all hugely suspicious and upsetting.

Really, I just can’t believe my beautiful lambs have been taken

23 responses to “Stolen Sheep

  1. Awful awful awful – really feel for you. what a horrid thing to happen. There are a lot of animal thieves about. Everywhere around here has locked fencing etc.etc. I guess that’s what you need to do. So sad though and I hope they turn up somewhere (are they identify-able?). Much love, Kxx

  2. That is such horrible news! All your hard work and dreams gone to some lazy, greedy, barstools! Do you have any sort of inurance to help ease the financial side? And lock up those piggiies!!

  3. I’m so sorry, how awful, I feel for you all!

    There are just a minority of people who have no thought for others and are just out for themselves. If I lived closer I’d have popped round to help but 3 hours away isn’t quite’ just around the corner’ sadly.

  4. Were the dogs of no use re ‘find them’, ‘fetch’ them? Maybe new training required… It would be jolly useful – for all manner of situations – if the dogs could learn to ‘find xyz’.

    • It would be really useful if the dog could find specific things. As I do working dog trials with him he is trained to follow a track laid by a human and he is trained to find small objects placed in a large 25m square outside by wind scenting – but he isn’t trained to find my keys (although that seems possible and a good idea). He can fetch the sheep if he can see them, but they were hiding in a large field across the road and I didn’t send him there. If I had, he might have located them – he is very alert to the presence of deer!

  5. Finding keys (and mobile phones) would certainly be a useful addition to traditional sheep-dog skills. 🙂

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